An artist currently working out of the Northern Virginia area with a BFA in Studio Art: Drawing and Painting as well as a BS in Digital Video and Cinema. I’ve been crafting my own stories since middle school and started further bringing them to life in high school. Recently, I’ve been focusing my free time towards a couple different projects–two of which can be accessed from the homepage and a third that is still in the early stages of development (as well as many, many others on the back burner). My goal within my artwork is to create a strong sense of atmosphere with characters and worlds that are as believable as the rain and dogs (with maybe a dash of pseudo-science thrown in).

I am currently looking to place myself within the field of video game, animation, or movie production through either concept art, 2d animation, or illustration. If you think your company may have use for my skills, please contact me through the contact tab above!

In the mean time, my work can be found through various social medias:

Youtube | Instagram | Tumblr


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