19th-Century Character Design

Maria Suard

Living in 19th Century France, she made her living by selling her photographs of landscapes and portrait commissions. Utilizing the photography collodion process–which requires a portable darkroom–her red dress acts as an improv amber light so she can use the large space inside her skirt to prep and expose her photos. Because of this, her dress sports a couple of blotches where the color has been desaturated and stained. Thanks to Napoleon’s place in power, corsets and large skirts were no longer a necessity for the women of France, leading to their marked-down price, perfect for a photographer who can barely make ends meet.
She acts an an NPC whom the player can interact with and–thanks to her desire to explore for the perfect shot–gain intel about and directions to new towns or specific points of interests.
The top three orthographic images show Maria in her large red dress, stained with photographic solutions while the bottom three show her when she steps out of the dress to take photos and while developing, it’s simply a matter of slipping her arms out of the sleeves and ducking down and under the front of the dress’ skirt.